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The Indian Subcontinent is one of the world’s most disaster prone regions. Almost 85% of the country is vulnerable to a multitude of natural calamities, and of the 29 states and 7 union territories, 22 are prone to disasters (India Disaster Knowledge Network). Since the turn of the century, natural disasters have claimed over 45,000 lives in India and affected millions more.

During difficult times, the Foundation provides immediate relief and rehabilitation to disaster affected communities and works at rebuilding their capacity to better cope with and recover from the adverse circumstances.


We lend our support in the form of food and clothing supplies, medical aid, a volunteer workforce and infrastructure re-development. Our focus is on long-term development, both restorative and preventive, to ensure a more secure future for the communities ravaged by disasters.


Over the years we have worked for the relief and rehabilitation of individuals affected by natural disasters in and around the country. The focus of our work has been immediate need assessment of affected communities and the mobilization of resources to fulfill those needs. We have also liaised between volunteers and partners to ensure that they have the adequate manpower to provide the most effective assistance possible. Today, we continue to lend our support to individuals as well as organizations working for their upliftment, as and when the need arises.

More recently we were actively involved with:

Flood Relief Initiative for Vulnerable Families in Jammu and Kashmir

In 2014, the region of Kashmir witnessed disastrous floods across many of its districts caused by torrential rainfall, leaving innumerable families homeless and without the adequate resources to safeguard their children and loved ones from the harsh, ensuing winter. Providing both, financial and non-financial support for the immediate relief and rehabilitation of the affected communities, we focused our efforts on providing warm clothes and blankets to help them cope with the unforgiving Kashmir winter.

Cyclone and Flood Relief Initiative for Children in Odisha

In 2013, a severe cyclonic storm, Cyclone Phailin, hit Odisha, causing widespread destruction in the state. With immediate effect, SNWF reached out to over 1900 families, and provided emergency kits, which included perishable items and hygiene materials needed to restart lives. The affected families received both food and non – food resources, that were largely inaccessible in the wake of the destruction caused by the cyclone.

Flood Relief Initiative for Children and Vulnerable Families in Uttarakhand

In 2013, a multi-day cloudburst centered around Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides, damaging everything it their way, including structures, homes and lives. SNWF was one of the first few organizations to launch an emergency response initiative, providing relief and support to communities in the worst affected areas. The focus was on providing winter kits to children and distributing warm clothing and blankets to vulnerable families in remote villages.

Relief work during the Floods of 26th July 2005 in Mumbai

On 26th July 2005, heavy, relentless rainfall in Mumbai brought the city to a standstill. Many Mumbaikars lost their homes and were left stranded in the torrential downpour. In response to this widespread disaster, SNWF worked along with its volunteers to distribute flood relief kits to over 600 of the worst-affected families. The flood relief kits, assembled by our volunteers, contained essential items such as ration, utensils, clothes, plastic mats, bed sheets and more.

Earthquake Relief Initiative for Immediate Aid in Gujarat

2001 saw one of the most devastating earthquakes India has ever experienced. The earthquake caused destruction at an unprecedented magnitude in the state of Gujarat. Over 400,00 homes were demolished, innumerable schools, hospitals and other infrastructure were razed to the ground, and the death toll hit over 20,000. In the wake of this natural disaster SNWF provided immediate relief to affected communities, by generating and donating relief funds.

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