Established in 1969, Sir Ness Wadia Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, set up to work for the empowerment of the underprivileged sections of our society, established over half a century ago. It aims to fulfill their basic needs of health, education and livelihood, and strives to create empowered, self-sustainable communities.


Inspired by the life and work of the renowned industrialist and philanthropist Sir Ness Wadia, SNWF is one of India’s oldest philanthropic institutions, and has played a pioneering role over the years in bringing about a positive change in society.


The Foundation provides hope, empowerment and an improved quality of life to less fortunate individuals. Through a long journey from its inception, SNWF has evolved into an organization of exceptional repute, providing incomparable services in the fields of education, health care, community development and relief & rehabilitation.

Our objectives are:


Make education affordable and accessible to those who are deprived of this fundamental need.


Health Care

Fulfilling the basic needs of quality healthcare – affordable and accessible to the underprivileged and less fortunate members of society.

Community Development

Working with like-minded organizations across the country and assisting their efforts towards the upliftment of self-sustainable communities.


Relief and Rehabilitation

Providing immediate relief and rehabilitation to disaster – affected communities, and helping them better cope with and recover from their adverse circumstances as well as working towards their long-term development.

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