Our Initiatives


According to a study by the World Health Organization  (WHO) in 2013, the mortality rate of children under the age of 5 in India is 21%, and over half of these deaths are caused by diseases that are preventable or treatable through simple medical interventions. With no access to medical infrastructure such as hospitals, clinics and trained medical professionals, over 50% of India’s population is deprived of one of their most basic human needs – quality health care.

Sir Ness Wada Foundation seeks to address this issue and aims to provide accessible and affordable health care to individuals who lack the resources to seek medical assistance, but are the most susceptible and vulnerable to diseases. We participate in building healthy communities through continuing initiatives across several areas of health care and nutrition, with special attention to women and children. In addition, we provide financial as well as non-financial support to NGOs and charitable hospitals that work tirelessly towards helping patients receive the treatment they require. Our systematic and efficient review procedures ensure timely support to beneficiaries who are truly in need of a helping hand.


Individual Aid for Immediate Relief

Timely aid is provided to individuals who require not only immediate medical assistance but also long-term, on-going treatment.

Promoting Health Among Women and Children

SNWF works in collaboration with prominent health care providers across India, to ensure that quality maternal and paediatric health care is provided to women and children in need of treatment, through infrastructure development and community outreach projects. We lay emphasis on improving the reproductive health of adolescent girls, to ensure that they become healthy mothers. We also hold health camps for women and children, along with our hospital partners, with special physiotherapy support for differently-abled children.

Building Healthy Communities

We have collaborated with like-minded organizations across the country, that work towards preventive, corrective and rehabilitative health care. We lend our support for building, improving and updating the medical infrastructure needed to deliver both modern as well as traditional remedies to individuals suffering from diseases or ailments. We have joined hands with organizations that work towards the detection, treatment and eradication of communicable diseases.

Health care for patients suffering from such diseases extends beyond mere medical assistance. We provide counseling to patients as well as their family and friends, to help spread awareness about these diseases and dispel stigmas attached to them in  society. We also sponsor treatment for individuals who are unable to incur the cost of treatment and health care.

Our Partners