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community development

According to the 2011 Census, 70% of India’s population lives in rural areas. As a result of severe underdevelopment and a lack of access to amenities and infrastructure, this vast majority of our country’s citizens are deprived of their basic needs such as education, sanitation, health care and nutrition, to name but a few.

To address the needs of these underprivileged communities, India has over 2 million NGOs working for their upliftment. Sir Ness Wadia Foundation has identified several such credible NGOs working at the grass roots level, to ensure that we reach out directly to the beneficiaries.

The work we do is need based and community driven, and it ensures active participation of the beneficiaries. Our projects are carried out scientifically, and are constantly evolving and improving through periodic analysis and assessment.

Some of our initiatives include

Institutional Aid

SNWF works towards the alleviation of complex and deep rooted developmental issues in the country. In order to reach out to as many lives as possible, we also provide financial support to several like – minded organizations dedicated to strengthening our communities. This support is in the form of institutional aid, awarded through an organized and systematic process of evaluation.

Treatment and Support to the Visually Challenged

For those who have lost their vision, SNWF offers support in the form of counselling to help them and their families deal with their condition.  Additionally, we provide books and learning material in braille, training for teachers working with visually challenged students, as well as vocational training so that their condition doesn’t deter them from earning a fruitful living.

Rehabilitation of Street Dwellers with Special Needs

The Foundation aids in the rehabilitation of individuals with special needs who are estranged from their families. We assist them by providing counseling, residential facilities and reuniting them with their families and loved ones. We monitor their progress and provide them with vocational training to help them get jobs and get them back on their feet.

Education and Vocational Training for the Hearing Impaired

Through our work with the hearing-impaired, we aim to help them overcome their disability and empower them with the education and training they need to get a good job and l lead a happy dignified life. We provide education, computer learning and vocational training free of cost to individuals who have lost their hearing and can’t afford to attend special-learning institutions.

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